Remote optical cable-1

Remote optical cable-1

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Products Overview:

GYFJH [nonmetal strength , tight layer coat, RF zoom-out optical cable for LSZH outer sheath base station use] the structure of optical cable is composed of optical unit made up by tight tube optical fiber, aramid fiber strength, LSZH sheath, strength with padding cord round FRP center with aramid fiber strength (there may not be center strength) made into cable core and LSZH outer sheath extruded.


Executive standard:

YD/T2289.1-2011 cable for wireless Remote Radio Unit (RRU) Part 1: Optical cable


Technical parameters (typical value)

Model Core Number Optical Cable Specification(mm) Tensile Strength Crush-Resistance(N/100mm) Minimum Bending Radius(mm)
Short-term Long-term Short-term Long-term Dynamic Static
GYFBJH 1-4 7.0 600 300 2200 1000 20D 10D
GYFBJH 1-4 7.0 400 200 2200 1000 20D 10D


1. "D" represents the outer diameter of the short shaft;

2. The typical value can be correspondingly adjusted according to actual conditions.

3. The corresponding products can be designed according to client's special requirements.

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